Cor Cantiamo is a professional 24-voice touring choral ensemble, founded in 2009 by Dr. Eric A. Johnson, Director of Choral Activities at Northern Illinois University. The ensemble is comprised of professional musicians from the Chicagoland and Northern Illinois area brought together by a love of fine choral music.

For more information about Cor Cantiamo, please visit the about page.

Cor Cantiamo's vision is to provide world class artistry to give voice to the soul and inspire the human spirit.

 “A composer can only hope to have his or her work performed with as much accuracy and emotion as Cor Cantiamo. They’re a fine ensemble, and they pour themselves into their work as musicians and as high caliber singers.” 

-Timothy Takach

“Cor Cantiamo is an outstanding chamber choir and a committed champion of contemporary choral music...Maestro Johnson and Cor Cantiamo represent choral artistry at its finest.”
   ~ Morten Lauridsen

“Cor Cantiamo ambitious ensemble representing the kind of professional excellence in choral music examples of which are few and far between.”
   ~ Jaakko Mäntyjärvi

“My experiences working with Eric have been incredible. I love the cohesiveness he creates with his singers. Eric’s passion and commitment to produce quality music was inspirational to me when composing for this outstanding ensemble.”
   ~ Stacey Gibbs

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