About Cor Cantiamo

Cor Cantiamo is a touring chamber choir in residence at Northern Illinois University, founded with the mission to perform and promote contemporary choral music and foster new composers for the art form. Since their founding in the spring of 2009, the choir has emerged as an energetic and accomplished vocal ensemble, receiving accolades for their performances.  In their inaugural year, Cor Cantiamo performed with Morten Lauridsen, who praised the ensemble for presenting “choral artistry at its finest.”  In spring 2014 Centaur Records released Cor Cantiamo’s first commercial recording, Canticum: Choral Music of Jaakko Mäntyjärvi.  Maestro Mäntyjärvi participated in all of the recording sessions and commended Cor Cantiamo as representing “professional excellence in choral music, examples of which are few and far between.”

"Cor Cantiamo is a relatively new but ambitious ensemble representing the kind of professional excellence in choral music examples of which are few and far between."Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, composer
"My experiences working with Eric have been incredible. I love the cohesiveness he creates with his singers. Eric's passion and commitment to produce quality music was inspirational to me when composing for this outstanding ensemble." Stacey V. Gibbs, composer and arranger
"Cor Cantiamo is an outstanding chamber choir and a committed champion of contemporary choral music. Under the baton of Eric Johnson the ensemble brilliantly performed several of my most challenging works. Maestro Johnson and Cor Cantiamo represent choral artistry at its finest and it was a distinct privilege to participate with this gifted conductor and splendid choir in concert." Morten Lauridsen, NEA-Designated “American Choral Master” Recipient, 2007 National Medal of Arts
"It was a delight to hear Cor Cantiamo in concert at the Central ACDA convention. They welcome contemporary repertoire in to their programming seamlessly, and with open arms. I can only hope that as many composers as possible get a chance to write for this ensemble - their music will be treated so well."Timothy C. Takach, composer

Events and Projects


Cor Cantiamo has released their first CD, Canticum, and is releasing its second CD, Psallite, in early 2016.

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Cor Cantiamo is a non-profit organization that depends on the support of generous patrons of the arts. Please consider supporting us.

Educational Outreach

The Masterworks Project is an educational program established to introduce adolescent singers to masterworks in a professional setting.

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